Sour Diesel


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THC: 17% – 26%

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Sour Diesel

A legendary and extremely popular strain that is no stranger to any cannabis circle, Sour Diesel, sometimes referred to as Sour D or Sour Deez, is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that has been around since the 90s. Bred during a time of underground markets and experimental cultivation, its parental lineage is yet to be confirmed and remains a mystery even after decades. However, it is widely speculated Sour Diesel is the byproduct of crossing Chemdawg, Skunk and Northern Lights, while others also suggest it is actually a phenotype of Chemdawg. The strain offers an uplifting, potent sativa high as well as traces of indica-like relaxation, and flavours which include sweet though gassy citrus, a blend of flavours and effects that make it one of the most enjoyable sativas out there!



A warming sensation is perhaps what is first felt with Sour Diesel, and it can creep up on you rather quickly, followed by a euphoric uplift. You might feel introspective and spacey, but if you are with some company, it makes a great social strain as you’ll also be more prone to chat and open up. The high often sparks a bit of creativity so artists may enjoy this strain when wanting to add a boost of energy and stimulate their creative tasks. The uplifting and happy nature of this strain is great for washing away stress, anxiety as well as relieving symptoms of PTSD, depression or bipolar disorder. It also offers physical relaxation that is nice and calming, which can soothe chronic pains, headaches or nausea, though it is not heavy enough to induce couch lock so is still good for morning or day time usage!


THC Content

Sour Diesel is a near pure sativa with a dominant ratio of 90% to 10% indica. Its THC levels average between 20% to 26% on the regular, and also carries about 2% CBD and 2% CBN, making it suitable and ideal for medical users as much as it caters to recreational users. While there is wide speculation on its genetic heritage, there is a general consensus that the strain is a phenotype or child of the famed Chemdawg (aka Chemdog), which is a near even hybrid of 55% indica to 45% sativa with an average of 22% to 27% THC potency. It is also often speculated that the other parent is Skunk #1, an indica hybrid, or Super Skunk, which is also an indica hybrid and the child of Skunk #1. While it is not as often suggested as the former two strains, the famous indica Northern Lights is also a suspected parent of Sour Diesel.


Appearance & Aroma

Sour Diesel buds are round in shape, about medium in size and are densely packed. It is also quite resinous and sticky. In colour, they are a yellowish green, reminiscent of lemon and lime, which is fitting for its sweet citrus aromas. However, its most dominant aroma is its strong and harsh gassy diesel, so if you are looking to be discreet with your cannabis, this might not be the one for you! Breaking down these nugs will also release notes of musk and pine. Upon smoking, users will taste a blend of sweet, candy lemon and orange, as well as dank skunkiness and diesel, which can linger in your mouth as well as your clothes for some time!


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